Laser Technology Can Do a Lot for Gift Industry!!

Laser cutting technology has traditionally been used in industrial manufacturing contexts, but recent advances in technology have meant that machines for laser cutting have reduced in size quite dramatically, meaning that they are now used in schools, libraries and independent workshops.

Below are some applications of laser machines in gift industry?

  1. Engraving gift products.
  2. Personalized Corporate gifts like glassware, stationary or crafts.
  3. Engraved keepsakes.
  4. MDF and Acrylic showpieces.
  5. Beautiful laser cut candy boxes.
  6. Laser cut Wedding Invitation Cards
  7. Laser cut and engraved MDF boxes.
  8. Decorative items for various festivals like Diwali, Eid, Rakshabandhan etc.
  9. Awards and trophies.
  10. Designer Gift tags.

Benefits of Using Laser Technology

1. Minute Precision

Lasers are far more precise than a human could ever be. As it is a light-based cutter, it is perfectly straight, even at the smallest point. It can cut to a size of 0.32mm, which would not even be a visible deviation to the human eye, and the entire cutting process is pre-programmed on a controller, meaning that there is no risk of human error in the process, and no need to worry about the burning or defacing of a valuable gift. There is a guarantee of straight edges, and laser engraving allows for an ornate message to be printed on to a gift for added personalization. This is ideal for a laser-engraved wallet, for example.

2. Versatility

A laser cutting and engraving machine can decorate almost any material, regardless of hardness. This makes it an ideal solution for glass and wood engraving, especially, with key ring engravings and named glasses being some of the most popular laser engraved gifts on the market. As the area that is heat-affected from laser cutting is so small, there is little to no risk of cracking even in the finest glass product, so it is a safer option for engraving than the manual alternative. Some of the most used raw materials in gifting industry are MDF, Acrylic, Plastic, Coated Metal, aluminium etc.

3. Jewelry

The safety and precision of laser cutting and engraving mean that it is the preferred technology for even the most expensive jewellery. Be it the task to hallmark gold jewelry or make beautiful designer MDF or acrylic jewelry, laser technology is the maker’s choice.

4. Adaptability

Because the process of laser engraving is computer-programmed, it allows for minute, last-minute changes that can be symmetrical if necessary. Not only that, but different types of laser cutter can be used on different materials to ensure the cleanest possible finish to a gift. For example, a laser micro jet is used if the material is likely to accumulate debris while being cut, meaning that even larger gifts can be cut, using a wider laser, without the risk of damage or build-up or dirt. This is a process often used on large laser engravings on wooden objects.

5. Cost

As laser cutting and engraving is done by a programmed controller communicating with a laser device, there is no element of precision manual work involved, meaning that the overall cost is lower both for a vendor and a customer. The speed of production is also much greater, allowing suppliers to produce and sell more units with a greater profit margin.

Laser cutting and engraving technology is well-established in many markets, but is still growing in the gift market. Its applications are almost endlessly applicable, and so companies investing in cutting and engraving machines at this time are still ahead of the curve, and will be able to offer a higher quality, more versatile and more customisable customer experience than most competitors.


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